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Size & Fit Guide For Rings

Choosing the right ring size can feel daunting. With a decade of expertise in assisting customers finding the ideal fit, we have gathered some helpful tips for you.

For effortless conversion of international ring sizes, see our Ring Size Conversion Chart.

Sizing Recommendations For Each Ring Style

Thin rings

Based on feedback from our customers, we've noticed that when choosing our thinner rings and stacking bands, you might prefer a slightly snugger fit. If you typically wear a size 17.5, for instance, a size 17.25 might be ideal. This allows for a comfortable, secure fit that complements the delicate design of these rings.

Men's Rings and Lace Rings

These models are wider and take up more space on the finger. Hence, we recommend you to stick to your normal size, or occasionally, opt for the next size up (e.g. from 17 to 17.25, or from 53 to 54). It's all about ensuring the perfect balance between comfort and personal preferences.

Dome Rings

The shape of our Nonna's Dome Ring is so comfortable, round and smooth, that we recommend that you consider going down to the next size. For example if you usually wear size 18 (57), most probably you can here choose size 17.75 (56). This is due to both the weight and the shape of the ring - if it is too big, you may find it sliding off your finger when it's cold, or simply twisting and turn too much.

Large Solitaire Rings

If you are considering a solitaire ring with a large centre stone (above 0.50 CT), you can usually go down to the next size. This is due to that the ring will be top heavy, and may otherwise twist around your finger.

Other Rings

For our other rings, we usually recommend you to choose just the size you're comfortable with!

Remember that when stacking several rings on the same finger, most prefer to not have too snuggly fit rings.

Try-At-Home Kit and Adjustment Service

If you are unsure, we highly recommend you to add our Try-At-Home Ring Sizing Kit to your order. This will be sent home to you immediately after the order of your new ring, so we can craft it in your ideal size from the beginning.

While we always offer the option to adjust the size afterwards, keep in mind, that resizing takes about 3-4 weeks (including postal service delivery) and will incur an extra charge.

Tips when stacking:

Remember that when stacking several rings on the same finger, most prefer to not have too snuggly fit rings.

Usually one or more of the rings can be the next size up compared to the others (if the other rings are 16, you can for example choose 16.25 on your next).

International Ring Sizes

For effortless conversion of international ring sizes:

How to find the size of a ring you already have

Do you already have a ring at home? Perfect! Please follow the below steps.

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