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Alessia's Toi et Moi Ring with Sapphires (3.10 CT)


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Custom order  - the Toi et Moi power ring!

Alessia was so clear with what she wanted: a double solitaire with the so called ”Toi et moi” setting. 

The challenge became for us to find the perfect pair of gemstones. Helena guided her and suggested different options, and eventually Alessia settled for this combination a rectangular shaped cushion-cut sapphire in a cold lemony tone (1.66 CT) and a clear white sapphire drop (1.43 CT)! And I think it’s sooo beautiful!! 😍

Well done Helena, and Alessia - your ring is an absolute dream!

Xx Cecilia 

Ps. In our studio, this ring eventually got the name ”tuschimusch-ringen” because no-one could pronounce the French ⛏️😂


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Sapphires rank a hardness of 9 on Moh's Scale of Hardness. They have excellent durability and will retain their beauty for many years, even with daily wear.


It's good to keep in mind that all gemstones will benefit from a good cleaning a few times per month. Simply wash your ring with hot water, dish soap (it solves fat) and a toothbrush!

Once a year we recommend you to drop by our showroom and we will clean it professionally. You can also send the jewelry to us and we will clean it!


Made in Sweden from 100% recycled 18K yellow gold 

1.66 CT Cushion-Cut Sapphire in cold yellowMeasurements: 7.6 mm x 6 mm  (length x width). Untreated, from Sri Lanka 

1.43 CT Drop-Cut Sapphire in whiteMeasurements: 8 mm x 6 mm (length x width)

Total CT Weight: 3.10 CT

1.5 mm round ringband

We only use natural gemstones and conflict-free diamonds.

Size and Fit

This ring is in size 17/53. 

The round, thin ringband makes this ring comfortable to wear. 

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Production and Delivery

Want to get started with your own custom order? 
Email, call +46(0)8 16 64 64 or visit our showroom!

Alessia's Toi et Moi Ring with Sapphires (3.10 CT)

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