Gemstone Hardness Poster (40x50 cm)

890,00 kr
Why you’ll love it

Our brand new posters have two purposes: one is to make a beautiful addition to your home, and the other is to be a very beautiful source of knowledge that will help you choose your next gemstone! 

About the Gemstone Hardness Scale: 

This scale was developed by German geologist and mineralogist Friedrich Mohs who ranked ten minerals according to their ability to scratch each other. Each mineral can scratch the mineral below it on the scale (minerals of the same hardness can also scratch each other).

On this poster, we also included the hardness of common materials such as marble and dust to show the hardness of gemstones in comparison to these! 

We can guarantee that this poster will be a discussion topic in your home 

Details about the poster

This poster is made in a small printing house in Vasastan, Stockholm.

It measures 40x50 cm.

The colour is antique white. 

Details about the frame

The frame is made from oak wood and measures 41 cm, so you have a decorative free space of 0,5 cm on each side. It is a magnetic frame that is easy to take on and off. Attached to the frame is a dark string that makes it easy to hang it up on the wall.  


This poster is printed as per-your-order and the printing + shipping time is approx 1 week for Swedish orders. For international orders, prepare for a few extra days for shipping.